Weekly classes are offered in term blocks which coincide with the Tasmanian public school terms:

Term 1, 2021: February 1 – April 1
Term 2, 2021: April 21 – July 2
Term 3, 2021: July 19 – September 24
Term 4, 2021: October 11 – December 16

No Classes on Public Holidays

Saturday classes do continue throughout the school holidays so there are always at least a couple of classes running.

Term Bookings

To reserve your place for the entire term or a block,  follow the link below.

Sign Up for Term 1 Here

Term costs

1.5hr classes $190 for the term,  1.25hr classes $170 for the term, 1hr classes $150 for the term, 45min classes $130 for the term

 Casual places

  Some classes have more limited casual places available than others, it is rare that we cannot accommodate you.

 If coming casually please book in using the schedule below, you can still pay as you always have through bank transfer, card or cash on the day.

Casual class costs

1.5hr class $22, 1.25hr class $20, 1hr class $17, 45min class $15

Prices for Aerial classes and Other Offerings may differ from above




Saturday Classes

Our Saturday classes are offered all year round on a casual basis.  The teacher of the Saturday classes changes each week so please keep an eye our on our schedule and note that it is subject to change.

Casual cost $17 and booking is essential.

23rd Jan – Emma

30th Jan – Clare

Saturday classes as of February

As of February Clare will be continuing to offer two classes on a Saturday 8-9am and 9:30-10:30am, the cost of Clares Saturday classes is $17.  All other teachers will be teaching one Saturday class only at the time of 8:45-10am, the cost of these classes is $20.  Booking for these classes can be made through the Punch Pass system above where all scheduled classes are clearly shown and marked as available or full.

Other Offerings

To find out about our other offerings or specialty classes Click Here









Explore the foundations of alignment and essential elements of a yoga practice including a wide range of yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation and relaxation in a safe and supportive setting.  A great place to begin if you have little or no yoga experience or are looking for a gentler session.


Explore and immerse.

Delve deeper into the art and science of yoga through a wider range of postures and deeper enquiry into the universal principles of alignment. Most appropriate for students with some yoga experience and ongoing students. We suggest you have at least one term of ‘Foundation’ level classes (or equivalent e.g. another yoga style) before signing up for Deepening level classes.


Expand your yoga experience.

With a wider variety of practices including asana, pranayama, chanting, philosophy, meditation and relaxation.  Appropriate for students who have previously explored foundations and/or deepening classes and want to expand their practice further.


Support your pregnancy.

Weekly Prenatal Yoga Classes at YFTH offer supportive, safe yoga practices in a friendly environment.  You will have the opportunity to –

  • Develop physical strength, awareness of your body and breath, and your ability to relax.
  • Practice ways to use your breath to help you to be calm and to focus and direct your energy during labour and birth.
  • Learn postures and practices to accommodate or ease common discomforts of pregnancy
  • Develop your confidence and awareness of different aspects of birth
  • Enjoy time and share knowledge and experience with other pregnant women

Especially for new mothers and pre crawling babies.

Weekly classes offer staged, appropriate restorative practices with attention given to recovery of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as relieving tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck as mothers adjust to life with a newborn.  Relaxation and breathing practices offer mothers ways in which to calm and connect with themselves and their babies.  The classes are informal, friendly and safe spaces in which to enjoy time with other mothers of newborns and where each woman can relax and be themselves whatever their experience week to week.

Women who have clearance from their doctor or other health professional can usually begin:

  • from about 6 weeks after giving birth, OR
  • from 8-12 weeks following a caesarean birth depending on recovery

All yoga equipment is provided.  Mothers just need to come with their baby (or babies), a blanket/cloth for your baby to lie on next to your mat and toys or comforters your baby enjoys.

If your baby needs you during class, you can feed, change or settle your baby as needed. Each mother starts, stops and joins in the class again as she can.  Postnatal yoga is a very relaxed space and everyone understands the needs of babies and mothers!

NOTE: If you have any conditions relating to your birth or pregnancy eg. ongoing pelvic girdle pain, diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation) or other complications, then please discuss this with the teacher before enrolling as you may be advised to seek more specific treatments with appropriate therapists before joining a group yoga session.


Enjoy yoga in the middle of your day!

These classes are suitable for all students, whether you are new to yoga or more practiced.


Fly supported and free.

Move through traditional yoga poses and aerial adaptions all supported by the specially designed and load tested hammock.



Inner Ease

This 60-minute gentle session is intended to invite ease at all levels of body, mind and heart for those feeling the dis-ease of chronic illness. Inspired in her dual role of yoga teacher and audiologist, Dani is hoping to serve people who suffer with chronic tinnitus and other sound intolerances. This offering, however, would also be suitable for people experiencing vertigo, insomnia, headaches, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, cancer treatment and recovery, or anyone else living with chronic illness. You can expect a gentle heart-ful practice incorporating mindfulness meditation, breath work, slow movement and grounding yoga poses, and deep relaxation.

Youth Yoga


With Bonita

These classes are a fun and friendly way to introduce your children to yoga.  Expect a playful approach to postures, meditation and relaxation.

Kids Yoga

A non competitive activity for kids to move, breath and relax. 

A fun and playful approach, discovering the benefits of yoga in a way kids can digest.

Young at Heart
Young at Heart paves the way for developing an evolving and sustainable practice as we age. The class is designed to provide a practice that will maintain and improve mobility and can benefit all age groups. Based on the four key principles for healthy ageing – strength, flexibility, agility, and balance – the practice is varied and draws on the deeper support of breath, mindfulness and meditation principles.

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