Yoga is when every cell of the body sings the song of the soul.
― B.K.S Iyengar

Bonita Genaris

I began practicing yoga over 25 years ago, and fell in love with the benefits, both mental and physical, that it brought to my life as a small business owner in the mad space that is Fashion, in the mad place that is Sydney.

Marriage, children, and a move to Tasmania brought about many changes in my life, and a group fitness class brought about one more. Not only did I discover strength, calm, and an amazing community of women, I found my new path.

Within a year I was teaching classes, studying part time, and well on my way to a new wonderful. Since 2011 I have been teaching various group fitness methods, constantly expanding and deepening my knowledge, particularly with regards to mindful movement.

As my two girls grew, it became increasingly apparent to me that the world their childhood inhabits is completely different to the one in which I grew up. More than ever our children, as much as ourselves, need and embrace the strength and calm that yoga brings to their developing minds and bodies. Since completing my Kids Yoga training in 2017, youth yoga has been a large part of my focus and offerings, both in the studio and in the wider community.

My overwhelming approach to movement, and indeed to life, is that everything is better when you bring some fun and laughter along with you.

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