Yoga is when every cell of the body sings the song of the soul.
― B.K.S Iyengar

Kaye Jenkins

I grew up with yoga, having a yoga teacher for a mum. I look back on those times now and realise how supportive this overall approach to life was for me.

Of course I then got sidetracked, focusing on my career as an occupational therapist and ergonomist. I also found aikido, and became a dedicated practitioner and then teacher.

Then my health needed my attention, and I am so grateful to rediscover the world of yoga through Yoga From The Heart.

I have gained so much as a student, and my learning and discovery of this rich world continue. I now feel the desire to also pass this knowledge onto others.

The sound of my name is a Japanese kanji, and the symbols that make up the kanji are “tree earth earth”, so I aspire to be grounded and centred, extending out from this steady core.

Asana, pranayama, meditation, neuroscience, fascial wellness, Goddesses, Ayurveda, energy and ki, our natural environment are all in my melting pot.

I have come full circle and returned to where I started. I feel like I’ve come home.

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