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Mindfulness Meditation Summer Adventure with Dani


Join Dani on a summer adventure exploring the wild and beautiful places of our inner landscapes.
Wednesday mornings 6:30-7:45am
6, 13, 20 & 27th January, 2021

Cost: $20 per session casual attendance or $60 for all 4 sessions

Day 1  Wed 6th January – The mountain retreat finding refuge in your own body

Day 2  Wed 13th January – The fishing trip exploring the nature of the mind

Day 3  Wed 20th January – The bird sanctuary  finding freedom within

Day 4  Wed 27th January – The horse ride learning to ride the horse in the direction it’s going

Mindfulness meditation has been practiced for thousands of years within yoga and other Eastern traditions. More recently it has become popular in mainstream western society as a tool for managing the stresses of modern life, including school and work. It has become a key part of care plans for managing chronic health conditions, prescribed by doctors alongside pharmaceutical medications. With the mental health of our young people statistically becoming more vulnerable, and sleep issues prevalent in our society, more and more health and wellness professionals are encouraging the practice of mindfulness meditation as an essential part of our daily care routines.

Please contact Dani with any questions or concerns on 0416 978543 or email dani@yogafromtheheart.com.au


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Hypermobility and Yoga - a workshop for teachers with Emma

As a person that has been handed the card of hypermobility, Emma knows first hand the instability, discomfort and management that goes with it.

Emma is a senior teacher with Yoga Australia and a registered Contiuned Education Provider with Yoga Alliance

This workshop is for teachers who want to learn more about hypermobility and safe teaching methods around it.

We will cover:

– Joint health

– Sthira and sukha (stability and freedom)

– Cueing for hypermobility

Cost $110

5 CPD points

Please contact Emma with any further questions


0400 045 873

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Prenatal Yoga Workshop with Dani

Prenatal Workshops

This half-day workshop is offered with the fullest intention of supporting you to experience a more joy-filled pregnancy, gentle birth and confident transition into motherhood. Reconnect to your inner wisdom and open to experience the profound offering of Grace through pregnancy and birth.

Dates for upcoming workshops

Saturday 16th Jan 1 -5pm



 Cost: $85 (includes printed materials and a DVD for home practice)

  • Reveal the joy, vitality and intelligence of body and heart
  • Learn alignment principles for healthy posture during pregnancy
  • Discuss common pregnancy conditions and discover yoga poses to ease discomforts
  • Inquire into the hormonal physiology of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Experience the breath as an empowering tool to create calm and release fears
  • Explore relaxation techniques for birthing
  • Nurture and nourish mother and baby with deeply restorative practices
  • Gain some initial insights into how yoga can support mother and baby after birth

Here is what a past participant said about her experience …


“I attended Dani’s prenatal yoga workshop when I was 16 weeks pregnant and found it to be a wonderfully informative, reassuring and special time for me and my baby. Dani created such a warm and caring environment for us. Having suffered from anxiety before and during my pregnancy I found the class really helped me to connect with and understand my body better which helped me to feel calm.”

The workshop is open to you at any stage of your pregnancy. Attending earlier in your pregnancy will allow time to gain the benefits of an ongoing active and healthy yoga practice throughout each trimester. Attending later in your pregnancy will instil confidence as you transition to motherhood and prepare you with techniques for the calm and gentle birth of your baby.

To register online, please click here.

For more information or to register in person, please contact:

Dani Fox



Aerial Restorative with Emma

Sunday 11th Oct 5-6:15pm

Cost $25

Aerial Restorative

In this deeply nourishing practice we are supported in a low hammock (load tested to 500kgs) which allows us to feel perfectly held.  As we develop trust in the support and enable a letting go we also find a wonderful sense of freedom and fluidity.  Aerial restorative allows us the comfort and support to hold poses for longer and to find movement without compression.  This practice is so good for your body, mind and soul.  See you there.

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Sweet Summer Slowdown with Juliana and Emma


23rd Jan 1-6:30pm

As we move forward in 2021 lets do it with trust.  Strengthening our ability to calmly and joyously respond to our environments.  We will nourish ourselves with delightful yoga, meditation and yummy tea and treats.

Juliana is a mindfulness teacher and bereavement support worker who has been honing a six step process for toning the nervous system for her students during the challenges of 2020!

Combining mindfulness with principles of movement for trauma, Juliana will lovingly guide you through the practice experientially and include discussion of the evidence base for each of the steps.

Juliana will teach a safe and enjoyable way to build a flexible, responsive nervous system that allows for joy in the midst of changing circumstances.

Every participant will receive a free illustrated guide to the process for home practice.

Emma will guide you through yoga practices to stimulate the parasympathetic system.  Dropping us into our body and gently opening it up.  The practices will be slow, nurturing and nourishing for the whole system.

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