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My best yoga buddy has 4 legs with Jeanette

 It’s a Chair of course! 

7th April 10-12:30pm 

Cost $40 or book in for this workshop and Happy hands Happy heart for $75

This special mini shop is for anyone who is ‘yoga’ space poor, time poor, studying or does desk bound work, those requiring extra support for part of their practice or anyone wanting to expand their range or practice using one of the best props available to us. 

Not only can you enjoy a body and brain break if you do work at a desk but knowing some chair yoga allows our practice to become more portable if you happen to be away from home or travelling and you don’t have all your yoga equipment or mat with you.

*Expect to learn some new variations for a range of yoga poses and flows, as well as different ways to build strength in a sustainable way either on or with the support of a chair. 

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Aerial Restorative with Emma

Friday 16th April 5:30-6:45pm

Cost $25

Aerial Restorative

In this deeply nourishing practice we are supported in a low hammock (load tested to 500kgs) which allows us to feel perfectly held.  As we develop trust in the support and enable a letting go we also find a wonderful sense of freedom and fluidity.  Aerial restorative allows us the comfort and support to hold poses for longer and to find movement without compression.  This practice is so good for your body, mind and soul.  See you there.

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Happy hands happy heart with jeanette

14th April 10-12:30pm

Cost $40  If you sign up for the My best yoga buddy has 4 legs workshop to cost is $75

If you want to relieve tension in your hands, wrists and upper body, this mini workshop is for you.

What we will be targeting in this session:

  • where and why we hold tension in hands & upper body.
  • commencing with some key postural checks and adjustments that we can make to bring ease through the alignment of our upper body.
  • working on gentle release & circulation boosting with massage of hands, neck, upper body.
  • encouraging gentle movement back into stiff joints
  • looking at sustainable ways to strengthen the upper body.
  • Boost our heartfelt creative output by reconnecting hands to heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                All while enjoying a treat for our hands. bodies minds and finding ease.

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Monthly guided deep relaxation and loving-kindness meditation with Lauren

Every last Saturday of the month with Lauren Jefferys – upcoming dates

27th March

24th April

29th May

26th June

3-4pm Guided deep relaxation – Allow yourself the break you deserve and be gently guided into a nourishing state of relaxation.  Feel yourself begin to completely unwind and experience the healing that happens when we completely relax.

4:15-5:15pm Loving-kindness meditation – The deeply relaxed state of mind prepares us for the feelings of warmth, love and connection that come through this practice.

You may attend one of the sessions $17 or both for $30

Lauren looks forward to sharing these nourishing practices with you.

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An afternoon of Loving- Kindness with Lauren

April 10th 2-5pm

Join Lauren for an afternoon of Loving-Kindness mediations.  Come and gather information from ancient teachings and rejuvenate with gently guided Loving-Kindness medations.  Leaving you feeling more supported, joyous and connected.

$40 including light refreshments.  

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Contact Lauren for any further information laurensproule@hotmail.com

Workshop - Rest in your unique expression of Stillness and deep calm, With Cath Brown

Sunday 18th April 5-7pm


Join Cath for a restorative practice focusing on gentle movement,
supported long held postures and breathing exercises.
Restorative yoga offers us the opportunity to slow right down and be present and open to what we are feeling in each moment. It helps to release tension from the body and mind,
and nourishes our nervous system’s capacity
to calm and come back into balance.

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