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Prenatal Yoga Workshop with Dani

Prenatal Workshops

This half-day workshop is offered with the fullest intention of supporting you to experience a more joy-filled pregnancy, gentle birth and confident transition into motherhood. Reconnect to your inner wisdom and open to experience the profound offering of Grace through pregnancy and birth.

Dates for upcoming workshops

Sunday 4th Oct 9:30-1:30pm



 Cost: $85 (includes printed materials and a DVD for home practice)

  • Reveal the joy, vitality and intelligence of body and heart
  • Learn alignment principles for healthy posture during pregnancy
  • Discuss common pregnancy conditions and discover yoga poses to ease discomforts
  • Inquire into the hormonal physiology of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Experience the breath as an empowering tool to create calm and release fears
  • Explore relaxation techniques for birthing
  • Nurture and nourish mother and baby with deeply restorative practices
  • Gain some initial insights into how yoga can support mother and baby after birth

Here is what a past participant said about her experience …


“I attended Dani’s prenatal yoga workshop when I was 16 weeks pregnant and found it to be a wonderfully informative, reassuring and special time for me and my baby. Dani created such a warm and caring environment for us. Having suffered from anxiety before and during my pregnancy I found the class really helped me to connect with and understand my body better which helped me to feel calm.”

The workshop is open to you at any stage of your pregnancy. Attending earlier in your pregnancy will allow time to gain the benefits of an ongoing active and healthy yoga practice throughout each trimester. Attending later in your pregnancy will instil confidence as you transition to motherhood and prepare you with techniques for the calm and gentle birth of your baby.

To register online, please click here.

For more information or to register in person, please contact:

Dani Fox



Metta workshop with Lauren

Sunday 18th Oct 2-5pm

Cost $40

Metta is an ancient practice of goodwill, friendliness and loving-kindness. It is an expansive and warm experience with rich feelings of love and friendship. Through practicing Metta, in time, one can feel a deeper connection with life, richer relationships, greater peace of mind, personal insight and eventually warm loving feelings permeating the being, helping to slow and soothe the mind and emotions, bringing a sense of joy and healing on a very meaningful and lasting level.

Lauren delivers this workshop with deep respect and knowledge.  Offering a rich and nourishing experience over 3 hours, enough time to learn and practice.

Register Here

Aerial Restorative with Emma

Sunday 11th Oct 5-6:15pm

Cost $25

Aerial Restorative

In this deeply nourishing practice we are supported in a low hammock (load tested to 500kgs) which allows us to feel perfectly held.  As we develop trust in the support and enable a letting go we also find a wonderful sense of freedom and fluidity.  Aerial restorative allows us the comfort and support to hold poses for longer and to find movement without compression.  This practice is so good for your body, mind and soul.  See you there.

Register Here

5 week beginner course with cath

 Starting date 12th Oct



This comprehensive 5 week course is specifically designed for those brand new to yoga or those who wish to refine the basics. The main focus will be learning the foundation of yogic principals, incorporating posture, breath and relaxation.
Once you know what to feel for in your practice and how to adapt each posture to suit your body you will be able to progress your practice with more confidence and ease.
With spaces limited to 12 you will have lots of opportunity for questions and personalized feedback.

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